This section allows you to create new articles that are typically used in certain scenarios such as Terms & Conditions, User Registration etc.

Usually, there are two scenarios where Terms and Conditions are required:

i) During Registration
ii) While checking out (placing an order)

Follow the steps below to add articles in admin panel:

Step1: In the admin panel, click on Content Management.

Step2: Click on Articles.

Step3: Click on plus icon as shown below in the screenshot:

Step4: Now mention all the details related to concerned articles and click Save as shown below:


SEO Alias:

Using this feature, you can give an alias(alternative name) to your article which can appear at front end on the URL so that in case you have a long or complex name of your article, you can cut it short through SEO alias name.

Perform the following steps in order to provide a SEO alias name to your article:

Step 1: Click on SEO tab.

Step 2: Select a suitable alias name for the article.(Mandatory)

Step 3: Enter the Page Title as per your choice. (Optional)

Step 4: Write a meta description for it.(Optional)

Step 5: Enter comma separated Meta Keywords.

Step 6: Click on Save. (Refer to the screenshot below)