Powered with Wedgecommerce, you can create an e-Commerce built native on Salesforce. This gives a new way to the concept of traditional marketing with buyer retention by using a single and independent application.

Offline Payment Methods

Offline payment methods is a merchant service which allows transaction process manually. Wedgecommerce allows their users to create multiple offline payment methods via which customers agree on payment via manual process.

Customer Registration

Wedgecommerce with in-built customer registration form. Users no longer need to take the hassle to built and create their own registration process. We provide the entirety which needs to acquire for recognizing your customers.


Customers can list their desired Product in wishlist while browsing the store. This allows your customers in itemizing these products, they are preferring to purchase in future. This also helps admin to measure product interest beyond sales.

Payment Gateways

Wedgecommerce is well integrated with most popular payment gateways as it plays vital role for transaction process authorizing the payment between merchant and customer. It lets you to initiate an e-Commerce on Salesforce having minimum configuration with most enhanced and effective outcomes with popular payment options like Stripe, Paypal, COD and other offline methods. Beside payment gateways, it provide feature for creating multiple offline payment method from merchant panel, this allows manual transaction from customer end.

Single Page & Guest Checkout

When it comes to sales, we always look for optimizing and to make the best possible customer experiences. Wedgecommerce Single Page Checkout provides a relevant piece of information in a single page to directly generate an order. The market trend says that a customer has time to purchase products but not apprehensive to fill forms. All elements related to checkout process are designed in a single page to reduce the steps of process. So, to increase the client's acquisition, guest checkout allows a rapid processing without going through any account registration.

Image Banners

Wedgecommerce allows their users to advertise their products by illustrating it through a banner image. This allows to target or campaign information to larger audience.

Menu Creation

The user navigation is an important aspects for every website. Wedgecommerce allows creation of menu link to make your site easy to steer and navigate.

SEO Friendly

Being SEO friendly, Wedgecommerce upgrades your site in terms Search Engine Optimization in process to boost the optimization rate of a site.

Support Multiple Product Type

Wedgecommerce provides inventory management at its best with configurable and simple product support features. It allows merchants to manage their products directly from Salesforce back end. While creating product you get options to choose categories, upload multiple images and manage individual inventory in best possible way. Based upon business requirements, we are keep on implementing new features that is what matters in today’s market trend.

Social Media Sharing

To increase the brand awareness, Wedgecommerce has provided feature for sharing content via social media. With social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, you can allow your customers to fetch and share contents with their followers within shortest possible time helping to generate leads. The aim is to outspread content which compels enough the users to share it with their social networks.

Multiple Images With Zoom Functionality

Displaying multiple images to set a perception and allow customers to associate with the desired products. We feel it is important for a customer to enable them with zoom functionality in areas they are interested.

Multi Lingual Support

It allows user to create cross border platform built native on Salesforce. Multilingual helps user to target larger audience wherever business demands. By considering required points, Wedgecommerce allows you to maintain multilingual infrastructure without language barrier.

Default Salesforce Currency

If your website is incorporated and diversed globally then receiving payments from multiple currencies could be difficult to manage. So, Wedgecommerce adapts the default Salesforce currency to accept payments in dollars restricting the conversion hassles.

Product Option & Feature

Wedgecommerce Product Option provides you functionality to manage multiple product types such as Product Simple/ Variable. Admin can easily add extra specifications on any product and further can add variants based upon requirement such as Brand, Color, Size, etc. In this way, you may enable multiple options for any specific product and price will be varied according to variant type. End User can easily go through different variants and its pricing at same place and enhance chances of best customer experience.


Shipping & Taxes

It has all new way for Shipment and Tax Tracking system that has option as Shipping Methods and Tax rates based on Locations. It enables you to define multiple shipping location and provides you option to add Tax rates and shipping Methods based upon different shipping location. In this way, all defined Shipping methods and Taxes gets reflected in Payment Processor section to be used in more effective way.

Be a Part

A platform which allows Salesforce users to centralise commerce and CRM with backend/frontend functionalities. With consolidate data WedgeCommerce gives all the leverages to run a personalised self service portal.

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