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Powered with WedgeCommerce, you can create an e-Commerce built native on Salesforce. It gives a new way to the concept of traditional marketing with buyer retention by using a single and independent application.


Customers can list their desired Product in wishlist while browsing the store. This allows your customers in itemizing these products, they are preferring to purchase in future. This also helps admin to measure product interest beyond sales.

Customer Registration

WedgeCommerce with in-built customer registration form. Users no longer need to take the hassle to build and create their own registration process. We provide the entirety which needs to acquire for recognizing your customers.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to successfully enhancing the visibility of a website and making it appear on a higher rank in the search result listings. Even the best of businesses, understand and utilize SEO tactics to improve their rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Payment Gateways

Well integrated with most popular payment gateways that plays vital role for transaction process authorizing payment between merchant and customer. It allows you to initiate an e-Commerce on Salesforce having minimum configuration with most enhanced and effective outcomes with popular payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Skrill, Pyaza, COD and other Offline methods.

Total Product Sale Jan 10% 20% 30% 40% Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jan18% Feb16% Mar32% Apr34% May30% Jun40% Total Orders Total Customers Jan 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 Feb Mar Apr May Jun


Right dashboard can revolutionize both your success and enjoyment in running your business. Especially having total visibility into your Business, Big Time Savings, Improved Results, Reduced Stress, Increased Productivity, Increased Profits and displays critical information and data at-a-glance.

Channel Manager for eBay & Amazon

Channel Manager provides data synchronization from e-Bay and Amazon. With this solutions, sales teams could achieve the visibility they need to uncover new opportunities, react intelligently and ultimately sell more featured products effectively.

Shipping & Taxes

It has all new way for Shipment and Tax rates based on location. It enables you to define multiple shipping location and provides you option to add Tax rates and shipping Methods based upon different shipping location. In this way, all defined Shipping methods and Taxes gets reflected in Payment Processor section to be used in more effective way.

Supplier Management

WedgeCommerce has all the features to manage stocks from multiple supplier. Admin can easily maintain inventory and track stocks effectively. It makes things easier to differentiate various suppliers details and to have deep insights of specific items. Having 360 degree view of inventories will help to increase Sales and vertical growth in terms of revenues.

Simple & Configurable Product Type

Provides you functionality to add product types such as Product Simple/ Variable. Admin can easily add extra specifications on any product and can add variants based upon requirement such as Brand, Color, Size, etc. In this way, you may enable multiple options for any specific product and price will be varied according to variant type. End User can easily go through different variants and its pricing and enhance chances of best customer experience.

Lightning & Salesforce1 Compatible

Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce1 compatible application extends WedgeCommerce boundaries to leverage awesome User Interface at its best. Moving ahead with Salesforce CRM platform and availing top eCommerce features in built on native Salesforce platform is taking it to whole new level. Everyone needs user friendly application to manage things more appropriately and taking same concept to involve more business possibilities.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Gives businesses the ability to monitor, track, and perform any returns and exchanges for buyers. Ultimately, RMA process exists to make the flow seamless to the consumer, cost-effective for the seller, and rapid for the financial system. It allows your business to focus on production, not returns. It should encourage consumers to spend more money, and it needs to emphasize your desire to please the consumer after the sale.