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eCommerce on Salesforce

Unleash your business's full potential with eCommerce on Salesforce,the world's #1 CRM System. Our solution centralizes customer data on a single platform, empowering you to take further actions using a wide range of available tools. Grow your sales and expand your business seamlessly.

eCommerce on Salesforce

Reports and Dashboards

Elevate your online store with our mobile-optimized storefront, reaching customers no matter where they browse—be it on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Our platform guarantees a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience across all devices.

Reports and Dashboards

WedgeCommerce POS Solution

Elevate your sales to the next level with our WedgeCommerce POS Solution. This advanced feature seamlessly bridges your online and offline sales channels, delivering a unified shopping experience. Our powerful POS system enables you to effortlessly sell products online and in person, opening new avenues for growth and customer engagement.

WedgeCommerce POS Solution

POS Integration

Simplify Product Tracking with Seamless Barcode Integration

Responsive Design

Our platform guarantees a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience across all devices.

Abandoned Cart

Never miss out on potential sales again. With our Abandoned Cart Tracking feature

Secure Payment

Enhance your customers' shopping experience with Secure Payment Processing

Pre and Back-Order

Tracking Pre-Order Stock Availability and Fulfillment


Customers can list their desired Product in wishlist while browsing the store.

Customer Registration

WedgeCommerce with in-built customer registration form.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to successfully.

Support for Multiple Product Types

Diversify your product catalog effortlessly to meet various customer needs. Whether you offer downloadable digital content, virtual services, or physical goods, our platform equips you to showcase and sell an extensive range of products. Tailor your offerings to different categories, specifications, and customer preferences

Support for Multiple Product Types

Progressive Carts

Revolutionize the shopping experience with our Progressive Carts feature.This innovative tool empowers users to build their carts in multiple steps, adding related products along the way.Each step can be customized with unique discountsand pricing options, providing flexibility and control like never before.With Progressive Carts, you can guide customers through a personalized shopping journey, leading to increased sales

Progressive Carts

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Empower your customers and build trust in your products with our Customer Reviews and Ratings feature. Shoppers can express their opinions, share experiences, and rate your products, providing valuable social proof for potential buyers. By enabling customer reviews and ratings, you create a dynamic community of informed shoppers.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Discount Coupons

Boost your eCommerce strategy with our versatile Discount Coupons feature. Create various types of coupons tailored to your business needs, including category coupons, product-specific coupons, and customer-specific coupons. You have full control over your promotional campaigns, with the ability to set usage limits and expiry dates.

Discount Coupons

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A platform which allows Salesforce users to centralise commerce and CRM with backend/frontend functionalities.

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