Their are five Editions of the :

  • Group Edition (GE)
  • Professional Edition (PE)
  • Enterprise Edition (EE)
  • Unlimited Edition (UE)
  • Performance Edition (PXE)

The easiest way to determine which features and objects are available in a particular edition is by reviewing the Edition Comparison Table. All Salesforce editions have limits that restrict the number of apps, objects, and tabs that can be used.

Limitations OF Professional Edition

  • Limit of 100 Custom Fields per Object
  • Limit of 20 Custom Fields on Activities
  • No Ability to mass grant login access to a system administrator.
  • No workflow / Approvals / Visual Workflow
  • Limit of 50 Custom Objects
  • No Live Agent
  • No Partner or Customer Portal
  • No Sites
  • No Salesforce Communities.


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