POS- WedgeCommerce solution: It is a WedgeCommerce solution that ensures that Retailers have access to a single, connected view of customers, products, prices, orders, and other critical data elements. Based on that, they can create unified, omnichannel experiences for their customers both online and in-store. Connecting WedgeCommerce with POS will offer a more comprehensive shopping experience for Customers as it will enable everything to be done from the Retailers‘ end.

It connects digital and in-store commerce to help retailers create more engaging in-store shopping experiences.  It also helps retailers streamline store operations management.

The core POS capabilities enable transaction processing, sales, returns, and exchanges, with the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements. And because POS is based in the cloud, it’s easier to deploy, maintain, and upgrade. Retailers get seamless updates and are never stuck with outdated software.


Printing Payment Receipt

This feature allows the user to print a receipt after making a payment for a purchase. The application provides options to manage the layout of the receipt, including the store’s name, logo, and address.

pos Receipt Settings

pos Receipt pos Receipt-3

pos Receipt-1





Cart Hold

This feature enables users to save items in their cart and hold their checkout for a later time without losing their selected items.

cart Hold

cart Hold 1



Barcode Scanner Functionality

This feature enables users to scan the barcodes of products to quickly add them to their cart.

Barcode Functionality POS WedgeCommerce solutionBarcode Functionality-1

barcode Functionality-2



Payment Methods

This feature provides users with options to pay for their purchases, including cash and card payments, which are processed through the Braintree payment gateway.

payment Functionality

payment Functionality-1



Cashier Discount

This feature allows cashiers to apply discounts to a customer’s purchase based on certain criteria, such as total purchase amount, product category, or specific items in the cart.

cashier Disacount

cashier Discount-1



POS Installation Link:  Install Now


To use the application at the Lightning end, it is required to register the domain first. Kindly go through the article: How to register your domain in Salesforce.
Once you get registered with your Domain, please make sure that custom tabs related to POS WedgeCommerce should be Default On.
Follow the steps to verify or update it: From Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | Select Profile and click Edit to verify as mentioned in the screenshot below.

Once done, Click on Save and Switch to Lightning Experience and proceed with the configuration at Lightning view as shown below.

Community Configuration of  POS WedgeCommerce

In order to configure POS WedgeCommerce in your Community Page, please follow the steps below:

Now, in the Builder section, follow the steps below to create a new Login Page to login to your POS system.

Step 1: Click on ‘Home’ and then on ‘New Page’.

Step 2: Select a page type as per your choice as shown below:

Step 3: Choose a blank content layout that defines the regions of your page as shown below:

Step 4: Give your page a name and set the url which you will use later to open your POS Login Page. Click on ‘Create’.

Step 5:  Now click on ‘Components’ and simply drag and drop the pos_loginForm component to make it appear at the required location.

Step 6: Now, click on Publish to make it appear on the Community Page.


POS Login Page Preview:


After you are done with the setup and configuration, you also need to take care of Field Level Security of some fields of the Objects as shown below in the table:

Object Name Fields Permission
User Id, Name, SmallPhotoUrl Read
Account Id, Name Read, Create
Contact Id ,Name , MailingStreet, MailingCity, MailingState, MailingCountry, MailingPostalCode, Phone, Email, AccountId Read, Create
Order Id, TotalAmount, OrderNumber, Status, CreatedDate, Pricebook2Id Transaction_Id__c, Description, Coupon_Applied__c, Discount__c, Tax_Rates__c, shipping_Charge__c, AccountId, Amount_Paid__c, IsPosOrder__c Read, Create
Categories__c Id, Name, Level__c, ParentCategory__c Read
Pricebook2 Id, Name Read
Pos_User_Group__c Id, Pos_User__c Read
StoreAdmin__c Id, Guest_Account__c, Pos_Order_Account_Type__c, Pos_Low_Alert_Product__c, Product_Low_Alert_Quantity__c,
Product_categories__c Id, Product__c Read
Product_Option_Variant__c Id, Name, Modifier__c, Type__c, Product_Option__c Read
Product_Option__c Id, Name, Option_Type__c, Option_Status__c Read
Product2 Id, Name, Product_image__c, Returnable__c, Image_Id__c, Stock_Availability__c, Barcode__c, Barcode_Type__c Read

POS Admin Settings

Step 1: Click on App Launcher.
Step 2: Click on ‘POS WedgeCommerce’ Tab.

POS Store Admin Settings:

POS Product Tab

How to Generate Barcode for your Products:

Step1: Click on the Barcode icon under the ‘ACTION’ tab.

Step 2: Select ‘Barcode Type’, it may be a custom code as per your choice, or it may be some pre-defined text from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click on the Bar icon to generate and print the Bar Code.

After generation it will appear as below:

POS Order Tab:

Clicking on POS Order Tab will list all the Orders created so far by the Cashier in both the Modes i.e Online as well as Offline mode.

Login to your POS System

To open the POS system login page you configured in your Community, you just need to append /s/Page_Name at the end of your Community URL as shown below:

Product List front End View

Add Customer

Search Product Criteria

You can set search Criteria if you want the product to be searched via either Product name or Barcode as shown below:


Hold Order

POS allows you to hold orders before checkout so that you can proceed with placing the Order and billing later on so that you don’t have to re-calculate the order at some later stage.

Step 1: Add a Customer.

Step 2:  Click on Hold Order.

Step 3: Add some Notes stating the reason for hold and Click on ‘Hold this Order.’

View Hold Orders:


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