In this blog we are going to configure multi language feature in wedgecommerce. This feature allow end user to change the language in front end store and allow store admin to control which language can be used by end user in front end. Let’s learn how to configure this functionality.



  • Configure translation setting in your org. To configure the translation setting Click Here.
  • You can override custom lable according to your language. To know how to override custom label kindly visit this link.


Step 1: Goto wedgecommerce store admin page.Check the multilanguage option in additional feature tab of store admin and click on the save button as shown in image below.


Step 2: Now click on the Multi language tab associated with configuration tab to enable or disable the languages which you want to available for your front store.

That’s all for the configuration now go to store front and check for the enabled languages.


That’s all for configure multi language feature in wedgecommerce , still if you have any further query or seek assistance to make your salesforce classic apps compatible with lightning experience, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you


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