The concept of CRM provides the prospects of configuring and managing the customers and their relative database. In other term we can define CRM as an efficient backend operation which helps to predict customers and their behavior.
It is important to systematize the technology strategically. Therefore an e-CRM enables group of individuals to work simultaneously which could conserve time. It holds and organizes all the CRM functions with the use of internet which includes resources set by an organization and marketing strategies to drive sales.


  • Customer demands change over time. So, design of e-CRM system is related to customer needs. Below listed can be an edge to interpret the benefits.

    • Projects a customer centric face of an organization.
    • Advantage of acquiring customer track record in one click. In parallel providing the same to respective concerns makes the sales significantly less complicated.
    • Often an E-CRM is used and combined with data warehousing of e-commerce application. This allows to provide a self-service portal to manage inventory and their related opportunity.
    • With consolidate data saved in an E-CRM gives the leverages to run personalized marketing campaigns.
    • Easy to access data via electronic device any time anywhere creating a more personal direct connection with customers.
    • Opens multiple channels to communicate which includes live-chats, emails and web-based campaigns.
    • Designed to meet customer preferences to maximize the lifetime value of each customer.


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