What are Dynamic Forms ?


Dynamic forms in salesforce provides a point & click customization technique for lightning record pages.

Many times cases arises where set of fields may not be necessary for a set of users, in such cases we used to make multiple layouts based on profiles. With dynamic forms now its easy to tackle such cases.

With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate the fields and sections from your page layout as individual components into the Lightning App Builder.


How to Enable Dynamic Forms ?


Setup > User Interface > Record Page Settings

  Flip the switch to ON & Save


Once Dynamic Forms is enabled you’ll see a new tab called “Fields” when you open the Lightning App Builder for a custom object.


Features Of Dynamic Forms


– Create or Migrate Page


You can migrate any lightning record page of any custom object. Open the lightning page, select the record component and click upgrade now. The layout would be visible.

-Add Fields to Page


You can create a new page and add fields into it. For example I have created a new tab named Candidate and added a field section displaying candidate related fields all through lightning app builder.


After creating Fields you can set the UI behaviour as Read-Only, Required or None here itself and can also place fields in different sections giving a clean and an organised view.



Fields And Component Visibility Based on Conditions

In cases where you want to hide or make visible particular components or fields based on specific conditons you can use the visibility settings. The visibility can be on the basis of record fields, permissions, profiles and also device(In case of component visibility).




Note :

  • Dynamic Forms is currently only available for custom objects, standard objects are not supported.
  • Field section and field components are not available for mobile.
  • Dynamic Forms are not supported on record pages that use pinned-region or custom page templates.

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