In this blog we are going to learn about <apex:actionPoller> in visualforce page. It sends the Ajax request to the server periodically according to  specified time interval . Let’s see an example, how it works.


Before going further let’s see some attributes of <apex:actionPoller> which we are going to use in the example.

  • action : The action method which is invoked by AJAX request periodically.
  • interval : Time interval between two ajax call. It must be greater than or equal to 5 sec. Default value is 60 sec .
  • reRender : Id of the component which should be updated after completion of AJAX request.

Note : For further attribute reference please go through Salesforce Documentation.


In this example we are going change the name of fruit in particular interval of time.

# Visualforce Page

<apex:page controller="exampleCon" sidebar="false">
        * Webkul Software.
        * @category Webkul
        * @author Webkul
        * @copyright Copyright (c) 2010-2016 Webkul Software Private Limited (
        * @license
    <apex:form >
        <apex:outputText value="Watch the changing fruit: {!count} : {!currentFruit}" id="counter"/>
        <apex:actionPoller action="{!incrementCounter}" reRender="counter" interval="6"/>

# Apex Class:


public class exampleCon {
        * Webkul Software.
        * @category Webkul
        * @author Webkul
        * @copyright Copyright (c) 2010-2016 Webkul Software Private Limited (
        * @license
    private List<String> fruitList = new List<String>();
    Integer count = 0;
    // Fruit name to be displayed
    public String currentFruit {
            currentFruit = fruitList[count];
            return currentFruit; 
    // Increment the counter value
    public PageReference incrementCounter() {
        if(count< 6) {
        } else {
            count = 0; 
        return null;
    public Integer getCount() {
        return count;
    // Constructor define the list of fruits
    public exampleCon () {


# Initially time = 0 sec.

# After 15 sec


That’s all for  <apex:actionPoller> in visualforce page, still if you have any further query  feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you


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