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In today's market trend, recognition is a crucial factor for business growth. To maintain a B2B/B2C notion requires an inventory management system and aggressive value creation with customers. To limit the concern of an effective platform, WedgeCommerce allows centralizing commerce on Salesforce with the beautiful storefront with magnificent checkout page. This effective application can be used to combine data warehousing and Customer Relationship Management allowing self-service portals to maintain inventory, related opportunities, run personalised marketing campaigns and the 360-degree view of enhancing productivity with seamless interactions across the platform.


WedgeCommerce is a turn-key eCommerce application in many ways for Non-Profits, Small Business to Enterprise. Having eCommerce natively on Salesforce provides unified 360-degree view helps in seamless data management with top notched features. Easy integration and upgrades fuel this application taking it to whole new level and placing a comfort zone for the end user.


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A platform which allows Salesforce users to centralise commerce and CRM with backend/frontend functionalities. With consolidate data WedgeCommerce gives all the leverages to run a personalised self service portal.

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